Ceramic Body Colours

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  1. Coral Red Body Stains

    Coral Red Body Stains are used for coloring tiles, bricks, artware, ceramics, pottery, and sanitary ware. They contain specific amounts of iron, zinc, chromium, and aluminum. These stains are known to provide bright & strong coloring that is wash fast in nature. They are applied by mixing in water or other desired solvent and applied as a uniform & smooth coat using a brush. These colors have high dispersion rate, UV resistance, and also act as a flame retardant.
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  2. Red Stain Pigments

    Red Stain Pigments are water soluble colors that find their application in construction, woodworking, ceramics, and plastic industry. They provide excellent shiny finish on the applied surface with smooth & uniform coat. These stains can easily be painted on furniture, tiles, fences, and metal doors. These pigments are manufactured by sintering ingredients in furnaces at high temperature. They are acid washed after grinding to provide resistance from dissolving in glaze melts.
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